11 November, 2019

Thank you so much for your support of the ADRA Appeal this October.

Whether you organised or participated in a fundraising event, whether you door-knocked in your local community or collected donations at a public place, or whether you gave directly to the Appeal, your efforts and your generosity will help thousands of people in Australia and around the world overcome hardship. Thank you!

A man and woman collecting for the ADRA Appeal


ADRA in partnership with churches in Australia operates hundreds of community hubs. And it helps thousands of people around the world. Money raised with your help and by the Appeal will enable us to feed, clothe, house and empower people in need in Australia, but also around the world so that all may live as God intended – free from poverty and disadvantage.

We all know that it is God’s grace that saves us. This generous act of compassion from a loving God should motivate us to respond to the needs of others in our communities. Jesus made it very clear: WE ARE TO SERVE.

And Jesus led by example. He knew that serving others was a way to minister to people. In turn, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and through service to others, we can help foster loving, connected communities—something that the world craves.

Thank you for following Jesus’ example of service this October in partnership with ADRA.

Paul Rubessa small pic

Paul Rubessa,
CEO ADRA Australia

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