Oct 16

A Word on the Conflict in Israel and Gaza

UPDATE: 14 May 2024 Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the plight of the local population has reached critical levels. Families have been forcibly displaced, essential infrastructure lies in ruins, and basic necessities like food and water have become alarmingly scarce. Shockingly, recent reports from the United Nations indicate that …

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Sep 11

Youth Mentoring Program in New Zealand 

From a young age, Eden loved attending school. Although shy, she thrived in a school environment. For her, it was an escape from home.   At home, Eden was exposed to alcoholism and addiction of family members. Her mother and father were unable to take care of her and she was …

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May 14

ADRA News Winter 2020

Read the Winter 2020 edition of ADRA News below.

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Aug 14

Oil and development in Timor Leste

One of Australia’s closest neighbours, Timor Leste, is a young country. In fact, it is currently the fourth-youngest country in the world. After centuries of occupation, Timor Leste was officially declared independent in 2002. Since then, the nation of Timor Leste has been working hard to establish itself and repair the physical …

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Jun 27

“Imagine if” – turning ideals into reality

I love being a parent. And I usually jump head-first into whatever activities my kids show interest in – although there have been a few exceptions. So last September, when Abbey invited me to join her on a challenge to go without chocolate for one year, I said “yes” – …

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May 02

A Day in the Life of an ADRA Connections Trip

Mr & Mrs Brooks from Edinburgh College share their experience from Vanuatu of a week well spent on an ADRA Connections Trip. An ADRA Connections trip is more than the sum of its parts: local hospitality, tropical heat and island beauty; labour-intensive physical work, made light by many hands; island …

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Feb 18

ADRA Australia to transition from Keep Girls Safe Project

ADRA Australia will Fund Keep Girls Safe Project until December 2019 Your support of the Keep Girls Safe project in Thailand, in partnership with ADRA Australia, has provided shelter to girls in need, helping them to stay in school longer and access improved employment opportunities. Over the past three years, …

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Jun 28

Amazing Things Are Happening

In the last financial year, your support enabled so many amazing things to happen for people in need. Thanks to your generosity, more than $16 million was invested to help 441,000 people in 21 countries. What an incredible effort! None of this could have happened without your support. Here’s a snapshot of your impact: …

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Jun 21

We Stand With Refugees Worldwide

For decades, ADRA has championed the rights and wellbeing of people displaced by conflict and persecution—men, women and children of all different faiths, ethnicities and nationalities who have survived unspeakable hardship, terror and loss. In 2016 alone, more than 1.5 million refugees, internally displaced and stateless people in around 40 …

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Jun 15

Doing Good, Better

The impulse to help is a hallmark of humanity – both evolutionists and creationists agree that selfless acts are something which make each one of us uniquely human. Even more so, as a community of faith it’s exciting to realise that within every compassionate action lies an insight into the …

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