16 October, 2023

UPDATE: 14 May 2024

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the plight of the local population has reached critical levels. Families have been forcibly displaced, essential infrastructure lies in ruins, and basic necessities like food and water have become alarmingly scarce. Shockingly, recent reports from the United Nations indicate that approximately 30 percent of children under the age of two are suffering from acute malnutrition, while over 70 percent of the population is on the brink of famine and enduring catastrophic hunger.

In light of this harrowing situation, ADRA is mobilising its resources to provide urgent assistance and support to the affected communities. ADRA, in partnership with non-profit organisations like Anera, has launched the 2024 Gaza Emergency Food Project to extend vital assistance to communities in the region. This joint endeavor encompasses a range of initiatives aimed at addressing the immediate needs of those hardest hit by the crisis.

Key Initiative

  • Food Distribution: ADRA’s response includes the procurement, preparation, and distribution of more than 28,500 hot meals through community kitchens in North Gaza, ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive nourishment during these trying times.
  • Hygiene Support: ADRA will distribute hygiene kits to promote health and sanitation practices among affected communities, mitigating the risk of disease transmission.
  • Food Parcels: Over 7,300 food parcels containing essential items such as potatoes, carrots, cooking oil, tomato sauce, and za’atar—an aromatic Middle Eastern blend of herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac spice—will be distributed to host communities through local cooperatives, providing sustenance and culinary diversity to those in need.

For more on ADRA’s response, visit adra.org.au/disaster

16 October 2023:

We are heartbroken by the loss of life in Israel and Gaza. Innocent people including women and children, as well as those who have been displaced, continue to be victims of the escalating conflict. We mourn for those who have lost loved ones and are suffering in this crisis and call on international leaders to bring an end to this tragedy.

In conflict zones around the world, ADRA is committed to serving the most vulnerable people with justice, compassion, and love. Although we are unable to respond under the current circumstances, we stand ready to assist when the time comes. Please join ADRA in praying for those who have been affected by this crisis.

Cover image: Mohammed Ibrahim

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