30 September, 2015

Do it afraid. That was the title of my daily devotional the day before I was due to fly out to a country I had never been to, to start a job I knew nothing about – and I was doing it alone. Has God ever asked you to uproot your entire life and go somewhere completely unknown? In March 2015 I embarked as an International Intern from ADRA Australia to work for ADRA Myanmar. I was warned by concerned friends and church members not to go. I didn’t know anyone in Myanmar and from what little information I could russle up, it didn’t appear to be a safe country. Naturally, I was afraid. But, what I have learnt about fear is this – whatever confidence you lack in the moment, God makes up for it. Everything I was worried about; living arrangements, travel, making friends, safety, covering living expenses, food, how I would cook it – God provided. I live with a co-worker in the same building as the ADRA Myanmar office and surprisingly Myanmar is one of the safest countries I’ve been to. I am a short walk to the nearest grocery store and in my apartment (I don’t pay rent) I have a fully equipped kitchen. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and not once have I ever felt alone. God has certainly rewarded my faith. Working at ADRA Myanmar has opened up many doors and I have grown both personally and professionally. It’s certainly not the easiest thing I have ever done, but it has been the most rewarding. God wants us to jump into life without hesitation. We don’t have to be confident to do it – we just need to have faith. I encourage you to jump in and do it afraid, I’m certainly glad I did!

ADRA Myanmar

ADRA Myanmar 2015

Written by Emma McCrow, who is currently working for ADRA Myanmar.  

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