27 June, 2022

June 2022:

Last year, we shared the story of Wilson, a young man in Zambia. Before he met ADRA, poverty and disability combined to crush Wilson’s hope for the future.

“I was always called ‘chilema’, which means ‘paralytic’,” Wilson said. “Some people in my community, including some of my family members, thought I would always be a burden.”

Thanks to your support, Wilson was provided with training to help him start earning an income. He was taught how to raise livestock and given five chickens to start a small business. By following everything he was taught by ADRA, Wilson turned his five chickens into fifty chickens! ADRA’s project in Zambia is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Wilson’s chickens changed his life

“I have been greatly helped as a result of these chickens,” Wilson said. “I can tell you that what started small and hopeless has elevated me from a ‘nobody’ to a ‘somebody’.”

This venture restored Wilson’s dignity and helped him support his family, something he had always longed to do.

Just a few weeks ago, ADRA Australia’s Program Manager Kate was visiting the ADRA program in Zambia where she was able to meet Wilson. Since last year, Wilson has expanded his animal raising business. He was able to sell some of his chickens to invest in three goats.

Wilson has expanded his business to raising goats

“I like goats because they don’t get many diseases and are easy to look after,” Wilson says.

Not only that, but Wilson’s family are delighted by this new direction. Wilson’s grandmother sang the team a song to welcome them, and the family’s hope for the future has been ignited.

“His mother’s dream is that the goats will provide enough money to build a new house with iron sheets,” Kate says. “His sister is enjoying school because when she needs a book or pen she can just ask Wilson and he will buy it. She is also happy that they now have solar lights so she can study at night. She wants to be a doctor.”

Kate met Wilson when she visited the ADRA Program in Zambia

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