Solomon Islands

The Soul Cocoa project improves the lives of cocoa farmers and their families in the Solomon Islands.
The project provides practical training to local farmers and empowers them to improve the quality of their cocoa beans. This enables them to sell their beans at a higher rate and help their families thrive. ADRA hosts an annual Chocolate Week in Honiara which enables farmers to engage with the international chocolate market and sell their beans to overseas buyers. The next phase of this project will see the establishment of a social enterprise to produce and sell fine quality cocoa to overseas chocolate makers.



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Growing up was a difficult time for Blais. He came from a poor family, and his mother died while he was still in school. But Blais says his life changed when he attended training run by ADRA’s Soul Cocoa project. He learnt techniques to improve the process of fermenting and drying cocoa beans, which helped improve the quality of his beans and attract a higher price for his produce.

Blais entered ADRA’s Chocolate Week competition and won third place. After this success, Blaze went back and taught his community the techniques he had learnt and now inspires others through his achievements.

“I don’t want anyone to be left behind – I want everyone to grow and improve together,” Blais says.

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