Monthly Archives: June 2016

What Kind of Freedom?

There’s a stranger in her kitchen and three-year-old Meita doesn’t welcome the intrusion. Eating a bowl of rice with her mother and six sisters in their rugged kitchen, Meita’s round cheeks are painted with thanakha—pale yellow paste traditionally worn by women and girls in Myanmar (Burma). Her eyes are wide […]

I Do Not Want to Remember: Said’s Story

Said is only 14, but has experienced hardships that no child should face. In Serbia, he shared his family’s story: “Mum and dad told us that we are going to Europe. We did not took anything with us, except of one spare clothe for each of us. They did not […]

Community Centres Restore Hope

Brendan* first visited Redwood Community Centre in 2014 to collect food from the ‘Chewsday Bite’ program while living locally. But soon after he became homeless and started re-using illicit substances again. He was homeless for almost a year and in that time became addicted to ‘Ice’, was charged with theft and […]

When the bombs fell: Loubana’s story

It’s been three years, but Loubana’s children still have nightmares about the day their Syrian home was bombed. “I remember when I hid under the stairs when the bombs were falling,” says Nour, who was only 6 at the time. Loubana and her family had a good life in Syria. […]

Beyond the crisis: Global refugee facts

The ongoing Refugee crisis in Europe may have grabbed the media’s attention, but it is only one example of refugee movements in the world. Beyond sensational headlines, there is so much more to know about these displaced men, women, and children who are often escaping the same terror many of […]